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  • Monthly, weekly and round-up donations
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Does it take more than 30 seconds to donate on your website?
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If yes, you could collect up to 2x more donation by fixing your donation checkout!
A smooth donation experience matters
Your donation form can make or break your fundraising efforts
Worst Online Giving Form Ever
If your current donation form looks anything like this, we are here to help!
Poor conversion rates impact your mission
If your fundraising funnel ends with poor conversion rates, the consequences go beyond numbers. Every missed donation is not just about losing funds, it's about missing out on the chance to make a meaningful difference.
Reputation and experience go hand in hand
A poor donation process can hurt your image as a modern organisation. People expect easy and engaging online experiences. Not meeting these expectations can make your cause seem outdated and inefficient, damaging trust and enthusiasm.
Missed donations and wasted resources
You are missing out on donations but you are also wasting the time and effort you ad your team put into attracting potential donors to your website. All your hard work to raise awareness could go to waste because of a poor online donation experience.
Upgrade your online giving experience
We empower you with the latest fundraising technologies to double your conversion rates.
Payment methods
Regular donations
Minimal fields
Preset amounts
Automatic receipt
Socials sharing
Less than 20 seconds to donate
Our donation checkout are optimise to be extremely simple and engaging. The donor is only asked for minimal personal information. Each step is quick, clear and engaging to make sure the donor complete their donation as quickly as possible.
The quicker the payment, the higher the conversion rate
A branded form
Your branded donation checkout reinforce your organisation's identity. It builds familiarity, trust and professionalism. It also provide a cohesive user experience that aligns with the rest of your website, and allows your donor to feel emotionaly connected to your values mission during the donation process.
Trust is at the core of giving
An engaging giving experience
Engaging with donors and making them feel special during the donation process is paramount to fostering a lasting and meaningful relationship. By displaying personalised thank you message and inviting donors to add a personal messages alongside their contributions, you acknowledge their individuality and demonstrate your genuine appreciation for their support.
Donating must be a special and rewarding moment
More regular donations
Cultivate lasting change by embracing regular donations. Our platform encourages donors to contribute monthly, weekly, or engage in a round-up donation plan. This innovative approach automatically channels spare change towards your cause, magnifying the collective impact.
Regular giving is the key to efficient fundraising
Seamless integration and effortless management
Unlock powerful features to elevate your fundraising efforts
Easy to install
Our donation checkouts integrate seamlessly into your organisation's website. With Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace or even Shopify it will only take a few minutes of your time.
Integrates with your favourite apps
GoGive can synchronise your CRM or marketing platform. Salesforce, HubSpot, ZOHO, Mailchimp... Our engineers are adding new integrations every week.
Once your donation checkout is live, your online fundraising is fully automated. Automatic tax receipts, thank you emails, donation abandon email... We got your covered so that you can focus 100% on your mission.
Manage your fundraising
Gain insights on your fundraising from your charity portal. Visualise your donations, manage your donors, generate reports, create campaigns... Your charity portal is packed with feature to make your life fundraising life easier.
0% platform fee
Our fundraising platform is free thanks to optional tips we receive from donors.
90% of donors cover fees on GoGive
For every $1000 raised
$990 goes to your charity
Because most donors cover fees and GoGive does not charge a platform fee, charities keeps, on average, 99% of all funds raised.
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In less than 20 minutes, you could offer a similar donation experience to your donors.
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